Maprang - new to me fruit

Does anybody grow maprang? Maybe marian plum or mango plum? I just learned of it first today from a Facebook friend’s post from Thailand.

I don’t think I’ve known of it before. Now I’ll keep my eye out, I’m looking forward to trying it.

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มะปราง MaPrang is a common fruit in Thailand. However, it is not as common as mangoes, rambutans, durian or longans. It is not a surprise that you have not seen Maprang when you were in Thailand. Its season is also short. Maprang can cause throat itchiness due to certain compounds in them.

These days, Maprang’s twin, Mayong-chid มะยงชิด, has become far more popular.

At a glance, people often cannot tell the difference. Mayong-chid is sweeter and larger without that throat-itchiness trouble.

If it were I, I would pay that price for Mayong-chid, not Maprang.


Oh, maybe it was Mayong-chid. I was told “I think they call sweet yellow marian plum”, and I came up with maprong on Google.

I haven’t had either though. It’s possible I saw them and just didn’t know what they were.

Also, only on my last trip did I start looking for fruits to buy on my own.

I’m kept very, very well fed and busy on my trips.

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My friends just went to Mayong-chid orchard last month. This one is in Nakorn Nayok province.


If you are short on time, you can find many Thai fruit at the supermarket on the ground floor of Siam Paragon shopping mall in downtown Bangkok. That’s where I first saw Mayong-chid for sale.

Look like they are available in Jan/Feb.

Yes, she confirmed, Ma Yong Chid.

The rising of Ma Yong Chid has further pushed Maprang into obscurity, unfortunately.

In one of an official Thai agricultural documents, Ma Yong Chid is called “Marian plum” .

I have never seen or eaten Marian plum. From the pics, they look the same.