March 10th or there abouts

2020 we had a really warm Feburary followed by a return to cold. By March 2020 bloom looked normal but there where a lot of aborts. I think the flowers exausted there energy store rather then cold damage.

March 7th

2021 I thought was going to be a great year. Baring cicada damage with i fortunately avoided

March 2
2021 Spring Observation thread - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit

2021 just nothing set on my plums. My apples did better but the pears where fewer then the previous year

Today March 10th 2022

Good luck! Two years with no plums sounds brutal…like, time to setup a temporary green house around it…

2020 was a bad year here too for plants. In 2020 we had no frost after late April when no one had plants out. Then when everyone had plants out in September 2020 we had one of our earliest snows going from the 90s to the 20s in one day. All annuals were fried and it got too cold for any fruit or veggies so any crops during the fall were a bust. It left the trees in a pretty bad shape with bark splitting off of it. Fall 2021 was the opposite. We had a late snow on Mothers day so anyone who planted annuals early all had them die but trees did not come out of dormancy until Mid to late May so trees/shrubs were safe. Thing is we did not really have a true snow until late December. I see people on other gardening forums rearing and ready to go but I am still pretty content with a break because I had a later season. Now I want to go somewhat at this point and I am tired of the snow but I am.certainly not feeling like I need to start planting and going all the time like in past years. In past years I was ready to start after Christmas. I don’t know if this weird weather is a anomaly or if it is here to stay.