Marche pictures first French berries of spring

At the marche early this morning. The first lemons from Menton have arrived. Menton is the home to the citrus festival which is like the Rose Bowl Parade of Citrus. The less expensive strawberries are from Morocco but the larger, better strawberries are the first from Carpentras. The Garriguettes are slower this spring. And of course, the white asparagus which is delicious!


Lovely looking but those prices are giving me serious sticker shock. (And Iā€™m in Canada!)
So glad we put in the asparagus bed.

am i seeing that right, 7 Euro for about 10 strawberries? i am sure they are fresh and delicious, but i would need a very special occasion to pay over $8 for a pound of strawberries. I too am glad i put in an asparagus bed last year (and a strawberry bed too).


Yes, I bought a carton and there are about 15 strawberries in it. Remember they are the first of the season, and the French take all of their food very seriously and seasonally. They are deliicious. Sliced them and took them to a friends house for dessert today with a Tropizienne! Perfect combo, and worth the price.

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