Marcona almond x peachmond hybrid

This is my peachmond x Marcona almond hybrid with flower buds.

Seed parent: Marcona almond.
Pollen parent: Luna peachmond.



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Thank you.

Any idea if this hybrid is likely to have any additional cold hardiness imparted by the peach parent? I know that peaches with edible kernels are often sold has cold-hardy almonds for northern growers, due to the better cold tolerance of peaches.

If you haven’t considered it, it might be worth sending out scion of this to someone in a cold place (Zone 5 or 6) in future to test how well it holds up, I have a feeling it’ll do better than the average almond. If you decide to chase this cold hardy idea, Javid’s Iranian might be a good addition to your breeding stock, most cold hard almond I’m aware of.


Judging from the pic, it does look quite a lot like Marcona almond in terms of growth but the buds look kind of bigger.

Is it the first year it flowers?

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It will get it’s first cold tolerance test this Friday and Saturday as we are expecting possible record-breaking snow for those days and very cold night lows.

My next goal is to breed it with a pure almond to remove any possible bitterness traits from the peach.


Yes, it’s this is the first year it will flower.

In comparison to its Almond seed parent that has light pink flowers buds, the flower buds of this new variety are deep pink to almost red like the peach parent.


What does a peachmond taste like? Or is it just ornamental?

The F1 generation hybrid doesn’t have any flesh and the kernels some are bitter and some are sweet. The second generation, Calired, the fruit ranges from mushy and sweet to firm with scattered pockets of sugar.

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