Marcona Almond


Marcona Almond with fruit.


More marcona fruit:


Those are so delish! They cost an arm and a leg here! A small pint, salted, with a bit of oil costs over eight dollars!


Just went out to the orchard to check on mine. Looks like it survived the winter. Our low was -1.2


It looks like one flower was successfully fertilized. Nonetheless, I still think that I’m getting a hybrid.



I picked it yesterday.


False hopes. I cracked out the shell and the kernel was dried.


Interested in how the Marcona has been doing for you. What variety are you using to pollinate it?
I have 3 almonds (All In One, Prima (Alenia) and Bounty (Dessertniy), which are coping well with our humidity so far. I was thinking of grafting Marcona and its pollinator onto to these. Any advice?


Hey Anne. Mine hasn’t flowered yet, so I can’t say what will work best. I planted it in a less-than-ideal location since I didn’t expect it to survive the first winter. The other almonds I have are Tuono, which is self-pollinating and which I believe the Arboreum Co. recommended as a good pollinating partner, and I also have Primavera. I’ve also got a bunch of peaches and nectarines nearby. Hopefully I get a bit of fruit set next year and can be of more help. But it’s pretty awesome to know that Marcona can survive this far north.


Where can one find a Marcona almond tree or cuttings?


At the Arboreum company.


anyone have cuttings to share? I’d like to graft it onto my tree instead. I don’t have room for another tree.


ouch! $54 with shipping from Arboreum Co. and looks like they only take payments via check :frowning: Too pricey when I only need it for cuttings. I have a root stock already waiting for it here planted in ground. Nemagard root stock which they have their tree grafted on doesn’t do that well here in my area.


Where are you located?




I’ll look for this variety for you in CRFG scion exchanges, but have no idea whether they’ll be available.


Thanks man! I’ve been looking for this for years.


Mine died so I already placed an order for another one.


Unfortunately, the selection of almond varieties at CRFG scion exchanges in Northern California (I have been to three of them during the last month) was pretty poor. I saw a couple of varieties, but no Marcona.