Marcona Almond

Has anyone grown a Marconna Almond?

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Nope have only eaten them they are a favorite!

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I got one from Arboreum this year. I’m kind of thinking it won’t survive my winters, but I wanted to try.

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I’m planning to breed mine with cold hardy almonds and with my proprietary peach x almond hybrids.

I’ve read that Oracle Almond can be grown in zone 5.

yes, I have the Marcona variety is a variety with a great taste, very sharp, needs pollinator, non pareil or independence are good pollinators


When does your tree blooms?

I think I’m going to buy a jar of Marconna Almonds this weekend.

Tree is a very, very early flowering, only be grown in climatic zone 9 or higher, in California must work well,

California has one month in advance or more about my country, flourishes here in February in California must bloom in mid-January or late January (it is a variety of low winter rest, less than 100 hours).
for that has great flavor, a strong flavor and pronounced it makes is considered worldwide as the best tasting variety for industry and is the variety that is worth money in the market.

the beginning of the flowering pollinated with largueta, half of flowering utilino non pareil and independence (acquired this year) and the end of flowering with guara (although only with non pareil is sufficient)

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Or you can hybridize it with cold hardy almonds, like Folson, to improve its cold hardiness.

I’ve got some other almonds I’m okay with if this one can’t handle the cold. And I’ve already got too many breeding projects going on as is. I think you’ll have to cary the torch of being Growing Fruit’s resident almond breeder.

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What kind of Almonds do you have?

In addition to Marcona, I’ve got Primavera, Nikitia’s Pride, and Javid’s Iranian Almond. I’m a little worried the last one might be dead, unfortunately.

Oh, and a Tuono.

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Is Tuono a bitter almond?

Any updates?

On the Marcona? Not really. It grew well this summer and heald into its leaves fairly long this fall. But I won’t know if it’s cold hardy to my area until late April early May.

My Marconna Almond started flowering last week. I thought that it was going to start flowering way before that, however, this year, our trees started flowering late due to the below average temperatures.

Anyways, my neighbor’s peach/ nectarine trees and mine have not started flowering yet, so the only pollinators are: my Luna Peachmond, Pluots, and my myrobalan plum x apricot hybrid, and Chocolate Jewel plum. So if it sets fruit, I will be getting almond hybrid seedlings this year.

If I’m correct, this almond needs a pollinator, right?

It does need a pollinator, yes.

I did the scratch test on mine two weeks back. So far it seems to be surviving here in zone 6. Our low has been around 4 degrees this winter – not as cold as the past few – but we’ll have to see how it does with all the spring fluctuations we all seem to be dealing with.

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This is how close I have Marconna Almond (left) with the myrobalan plum x apricot hybrid (right), so if the pollination is successful, most of the future hybrids will be almond x plumcot hybrids.

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