Mariposa plum - Flavor queen pluot cross pollination


I’m a newbie to fruit growing. Does Mariposa plum and Flavor queen pluot cross pollinate each other? Thanks for your support.


mariposa is a japanese plum and pluots are japanese plum crosses. pluots usually list “any japanese plum with the same bloom time” as pollinizers with exceptions that are not fully explored. the breeder or a nursery may have done a bagged flower experiment to find out the exceptions but they don’t have time to check more than a few of the big ones like santa rosa. as for whether the pluot will pollinate the plum, that’s less of a sure thing.

see this pollination chart for example, most of their japanese plums, and pluerry and pluots, have almost total “x” matches with other japanese plums. with the japanese plums they mostly leave out the “x” for pluots and pluerries (so it only goes one way)

here’s the dwn page on flavor queen. “Pollenized by Dapple Dandy or Flavor Supreme Pluot® or by a Japanese plum such as Burgundy. Not pollenized by Flavor King Pluot®.” - so they’ve figured out flavor king is an exception which seems important to list since king&queen would seem to go together otherwise

mariposa - “Pollenized by Catalina, Nubiana, or Santa Rosa.” - so we don’t get a ton of help

so, a lot of words to say, maybe? my guess is yes the plum should pollinate the pluot, but the pluot might not pollinate the plum


Yes, they do.