Marking Seedlings

I am wondering how people mark seedlings that are too small to tie a tag around. The in-ground markers always seem to get blown away by the wind or dug up accidentally by squirrel or human activity. I will probably tag these when they’re a little bigger, but for now I marked the areas with wire from CAT5 cabling and aluminum tags. Used shorter pieces of wire as staples to hold it in place. Hopefully this works better than poking tags in the ground. We’ll see.


I do marking by memory. I seem to remember varieties from 40 years ago. I have never been able to keep written records.

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I always think I’ll be able to remember, but sure enough I always forget. I’ve gotten wise to in now so now I am marking anything I need to remember!

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Image + computer app…


Drive an electric fence post beside them and tie the tag on there. Bamboo is another favorite I use.

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