Marlborough Pie

I came across this article about a dessert made mostly with Apples.It was popular in colonial America,but lost popularity eventually.Has anyone heard of it or tried the pie?I might make one. Brady


Brady, I found this pie very interesting. Since I include recipes and write them every week for our newspaper, I thought I’d do a bit of research on this pie. It is a combination of applesauce and custard in a pie crust. It sounds delish and worth a try. Only the name ‘Marlborough’ cannot be directly traced back to the Duke! “It’s a combination of an apple-lemon custard and a pie,” says Ryan Beckman, coordinator of historic foodways at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Mass."emphasized text This is an excerpt from the Hartford Courant newspaper.

Mrs.G,it does have an interesting history.I didn’t know about the Duke either.It looks like a few restaurants have the pie on their menu or will make some if ordered. Brady

I understand why this dessert was so popular.Having made one yesterday for a potluck at work,the pie was very good.

Some online recipes use applesauce for the base,but the one I followed called for Granny Smith and Fuji or Golden Delicious.In mine,Granny Smith and Fuji were used.Also a number of them have juice of a whole Lemon,which seems like a lot compared to a little zest that I added,which could be detected very easily,although a bit more of a Meyer Lemon was put into mine than what was in the recipe.
Just about everyone that tried it,liked it.I also used Nutmeg instead of Mace,which,when making it again,will try to find that spice.
I recommend this treat.
Here is a link to the site for making the pie. Brady


Thanks so much!

Just made a Marlborough pie, with some Golden Russet and Roxbury Russet apples from my storage. GG is holding up better than RR in storage as far as texture goes, and RR apples cooked down quicker as well in the pie filling prep. Recipe came from Apple Lovers cookbook. It came out really good!

We made a few subs, gluten free crust, hard cider in place of sherry. I think I will amp up the spices the next time…cheers!


That looks good Jesse.I made another for Thanksgiving,using Granny Smith,Jazz and Honey Crisp Apples.What really sets it off for me is the Lemon zest,with just enough to savor the contrasting tart and sweet flavors.I may make another during Christmas. Brady

Thanks Brady, I did not use lemon zest, just 3 tbsp lemon juice, but that might be just the thing for next time!

I made another,using Cosmic Crisp,Honey Crisp and Granny Smith Apples.Very good this


My wife makes one every Thanksgiving using a recipe that was broadcast on NPR so long ago that I can’t find it on the NPR site any more. It has too much lemon for my taste, but it is a hit with the family.


My wife made the Marlborough pie again this year, but we haven’t eaten it yet. Due to a family member getting sick, Thanksgiving dinner is postponed until today.


New link at chewnibblenosh,for the Marlborough pie recipe,replaces the old one.