Marsoninna leaf blotch

I thought it would be helpful to point out that I seem to be getting adequate control of this in southern NYS and nearby CT locations with one spray about July 7th and a second a month later of myclobutanil mixed with captan and a sticker at highest legal rates.

It is legal if you tell yourself you are fighting summer fungus- the usual ones, FS and SB.


I will do this, thanks. What’s a good sticker?

I hear Bonide Turbo is good but I use a latex based product only available through distributors of Loveland products called Tactic. It costs about $80 bucks a gallon and two cups can be mixed with 100 gallons of spray mix. Years ago I read it is the best of major brands used in commercial production, but I do not know the extent of its advantage.

Southern AG Products makes one that looks like about the same formula as the Bonide product and they are usually quite reasonably priced. None made for “backyard orchards” seem to contain latex.

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Time to spray. Thanks for the info. I had major defoliation last year.

Just read that myclobutanil is systemic; hadn’t realized that before. But must have short lifespan as I think label said ok to use up to 14 days pre-harvest.

A short preharvest date often means a pesticide is safe to eat in small amounts. Myclo is as long lasting a fungicide as we have- I use it in spring for absolute control of scab and CAR most sites with only two sprays as much as 14 days apart.

I don’t know about myclo but Indar’s label permits spraying stone fruit on day of harvest, and, like myclo, is locally systemic, so it is absolutely legal to eat. You cannot wash it off. They should make the stuff with vanilla flavoring- chocolate would fly off the produce bins. .

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@alan Is it a good idea to spray fungicide on the ground under an apple tree (plus leaves) when the fungus target over-winters in leaf litter?

I believe the experts recommend spraying them with lime in the fall or just disposing of the leaves either fall or early spring. If the label doesn’t allow for it, it’s probably illegal to spray the fallen leaves. Of course labels don’t even mention MLB yet so your are officially spraying other fungus.

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