Mass amounts of blossoms this year

This spring all of my trees are covered with mass amounts of blossoms. peaches, pear, apple… I have not seen this number of blossoms ever in my small orchard. Is everyone seeing this??? I thinned hard last weekend and you couldnt tell. I am a bit worried about a bi-annual crop if I am not careful.

I have noticed too. I think it is because the winter 2013-2014 was too cold, most us upper north did not have much fruits grown last year. The tree stored enough energy in the roots.

Yes and No. Yes on trees that went biennial last year: 20 century pear and William’s Pride apple because of not enough thinning in 2013 on both cases. Honey Crisp apple for improper pruning.

These 3 trees, like IL said, have more stored energy and flowers and fruit like crazy.

We had serious brutally cold winter with ton of snow for 2nd year in a row this past winter. There were some winter damages on peach limbs and flower buds. Damage to peach buds were anywhere from 30- 60% on my 3 varieties (not as badly damaged as the winter of 2013-2014).

I don’t know for sure if my J. plum, Satsuma, got fruit buds killed or just a stingy plum to fruit. It had about 40% flowered and set much fewer fruit.

Like Alan Haigh mentioned Shiro plum is cold hardier than Satsuma. It flowered and set like mad.

That’s my experience this year.

Yes…huge bloom on the apples, plums, pears…should be a good apple crop this year in the midwest if the storms/hail stay away.

My Satsuma flowered, but i don’t think it was properly pollinated and almost all of them dropped. It flowers so early here…with the apricots.