Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


Jujubes- Our New Adventure

Great video, Rafael…So few videos about Jujubes on YouTube…Thanks!


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Strong work Raf!



Really well done!


i agree it is well done


thanks! Have to say though the guitar playing is a bit ‘undone’ --arthritic fingers :sob:



Your fingers hurt then comes over for lobsters with a bottle of Heineken with me.



whoah @tonyOmahaz5 ! those are huge!!
and yes, that’s plenty of purines for my joints, ouch


i liked the guitar playing i can tell you don’t use a pick sounds like something i would play


folks tell me am too old to be playing songs popular with millennials/generation z’s , haha
yeah, using a pick limits my thumb from doing bass

Jujube and Persimmon recommendations: South Central KS

The Asian Market had a new shipment of large lobsters and I couldn’t resist. I loved seafoods but I have to keep an eye out for my cholesterol.



i’d say you’re better off, since seafood cholesterol isn’t as bad as terrestrial cholesterol. If at all


I guess we share quite similar hobbies…Jujubes, mulberries, and guitar (I had a shop building and repairing guitars…before an analytical chemistry career).


actually suspected there must be other things we have in common, just by reading your posts :slightly_smiling_face:

and yes, a guitar shop is something i’d have enjoyed dabbling in!


Love it! Beautiful photos and presentation!



Love your video and music you playing!


Thanks @galinas and @k8tpayaso :slightly_smiling_face:


On contrary, I have to thank you. Live, unpolished music has some energy in it, that makes your throat tight and reminds you that you are still alive. It brings you to far away memories you didn’t even think you have. We have so many fake things around us - plastic, empty things with meaning disappearing somewhere between synthesizer and advertisement, so every real piece is priceless and precious. Thank you!


Truly appreciate the kind, kind note @galinas ! Thank you, you really made my day :slightly_smiling_face: