May 17 we awoke to this (weather pics)

At least I don’t have my tomatoes out there it it, and I think my grafts have already taken, so we should be OK. But I’m ready for some summer!


That’s ridiculous, I could not wait that long for spring, hope everything makes it ok for you

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Crazy, crazy weather… We had 38 two days ago. Now it is 88. Even my cabbage(planted out about a month ago) and radishes (seeded a month ago) wilted.

Crazy weather indeed- it has been a strange year in a lot of ways. We had what looked like an early spring but I held off on tender things. I think the lettuce and spinach love it, though!

Can’t imagine it swinging like that and trying to grow stuff. Let’s all hope things get better soon.

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Today? Yikes! My house is for sale! How do you do it?

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Well, I don’t always! And I drink a lot …