Maybe figs do taste good


Weird, has there been any cold since you unwrapped? I uncovered one tree way too early and the wood was not hardy enough for mid twenties, lost the top half of growth.


No not really, I don't think we had much if any freezing temps. I'll leave it wrapped longer next year if I continue the experiment. I may pull them.


Hi Drew- I live a mile outside Easton, Md- would love to learn more about the Teramo fig from Easton. I'd like to go visit it if possible. There are a lot of big old fig trees around here on the old estates and I hear Smith Island in the Chesapeake is loaded with old figs and pomegranates.

I just got interested in figs this last week when a friend gave me three Brunswicks. But now I'm going to pay more attention to the local figs I see. Thanks for your help.


Olga is Russian!


I post some info when I get back into town later today.


@Drew51 Drew- I just figured out where this Easton fig is, so am all set. Will try to get some cuttings- when is right time to take cuttings? Have you ever got an ID on the fig?


Wait until dormancy!


You can take them a little later in the summer after growth has hardened, look for branches that have stopped growing, remove all but a couple leaves up top and pot them in the shade. Or use it as budwood. Last year's wood can be treated as dormant cuttings.

p.s. You can also take a branch with soft green growth and treat it like a cut flower in a vase with shallow water that you change regularly, put an airlayer above the water level to get roots.


No, it's a small fig, round, amber to red interior, depending on how long you let it hang. I think it's excellent, one of my favorites. Prolific, rust resistant. Seems like a winner to me.


Great tips, thanks hoosier.


Well, after 2 years, I can say that this fig doesn’t do well in-ground (in my area). Last year, I planted it outside in the spring and it fell just short of ripening. This year, growing back from the ground, I see tiny fig-lets just starting to form (far too late).

So, this weekend, I dumped a bunch of potting soil around the base of it. Around the end of the season, I’ll brush some away and hopefully be able to get 4-5 plants out of it, by separating the (hopefully rooted) low growth.

I was able to root at least one last year with a lesser version of this method (dirt on just that branch). Since this one seems to need such a long season- maybe I’ll bring it into the living room in Feb or March from the garage.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Even if there is no rooting, I should be able to take some wood from it.



Simeon eats a fig


A dog eating something isn’t really evidence that it tastes good. After all, they also eat dog-food…


They eat much more than that :grinning: