Medlar and quince

I have a tremendous amount of Hawthorne and want to try grafting medlar and quince to at does anybody have any scionwood for either that would work in zone 5B thank you very much

Did you end up trying? I grafted quince on hawthorn a number of years ago and the quince grew insanely well. Unfortunately it seems that the quince ended up being like parasites to the hawthorn in that they attached well and took all the nutrients the hawthorn would give, but did not in turn send any sugars back down past the graft to feed the roots. It almost killed the hawthorn rootstock, but when I realized what was happening I stopped removing the the hawthorn branches and allowed some to remain and keep the roots alive. Unfortunately the branches some of the quince were grafted onto had already died so I had to cut back the remaining quince to put the tree back in balance. The quince grew so much in one season (and still more the next) while the hawthorn host branches which accepted the grafts remained their original diameter.

Yes an unknown quince took on Hawthorne and I know it’s already outgrowing the root stock. I found a couple of pear that took on Hawthorne as well but same thing there outgrowing understock. I have hundreds of Hawthorne growing on the farm several of which are growing in wet spots so my goal is to cut them at ground level and graft some pear and maybe quince so I will have water tolerant rootstock :slightly_smiling_face: