Medlars - fresh fruit in winter

yeah, some of the wild seed grown ones in the GRIN repository seem to be 1/2” or even smaller! Theres also a seedless medlar cultivar that is small but presumably good for processing. I dont know what the flavor is like though.

Interesting that the little ones dont seem to mold. I’ve wondered what was up with that. Sometimes they almost all spoil, other times they blet nicely. I cant really figure a rhyme or reason to it. Ive also had them go from hard directly to dry and mealy. Again, dunno though letting them hang seems to ensure the best quality in my experience, though it’s possible that the funky ones just drop.

The big ones are more prone to getting a hollow spot inside from uneven stretching as they enlargen. That seems to be what gets moldy.

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makes sense. Ive also seen cracking or checking in the hollow of the calyx, though it doesn’t always seem to result in spoilage

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I think it’s because the external cracks are able to dry out. Internal cracks don’t “skin over.”

ive also seen two different types of mold in them. one is a gray mold, perhaps a botrytis, and it permeates the flesh with fuzzy hyphae. the other is more of a black speckly mold that eventually dries the fruit and turns it hard and black.

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Anyone have Nottingham or any other good ones for trade?

I’ve seen conflicting detail on how the seedless taste. I’m not sure if there are multiple types or if it is a soil thing, but I’ve seen them cited as either the best tasting or among the worst with little in between.

…and I can’t help but wonder if seedless medlar are small for the same reason many apples fail: lack of the hormones that promote fruit flesh growth.

Those are the two I have as well. Planted in '21 and '23, so they are still quite small. Can’t wait to taste them.

If I had the space I’d like to try Sussmispel (sweet medlar) which can be eaten fresh without bletting.

Interesting, but that seems difficult. If the fruit were firm it would be challenging to eat around the seeds without wasting a lot of the pulp. I think the texture of a quality bletted medlar is quite nice.

I think that many varieties of medlar are available from the Clonal Germplasm Repositories/GRIN for free. Maybe at Corvallis, OR.
John S

I believe I got quince scionwood from them in the past. It was free but minus shipping, but they always did UPS overnight charged to your UPS account automatically. So it would really cost $50, which was a bit of a shock the 1st time I got vs USPS would cost about $10 (at least 10 years ago). I told them I’d rather pay $10 and give you all a $40 donation for all the hard work they were doing. There was no reason to overnight scionwood if they ship at the right time in the winter (which is a relatively long period i would assume over there too).


I agree. That seems crazy. Was there a way to change that, like on Amazon, where they automatically steer it to expensive, but if you find the tiny corner where you can get it free a week later?
I hope so. I never paid anything like that, but I always explain that I’m publishing my results in HOme Orchard Society, growing fruit, etc.
John S

I have been growing 4 varieties for around 8 years, Breda, Royal, Sultan, Skra #2
I got scion from GRIN and grafted onto OHxF 97. They are not in an ideal site but I’ve gotten decent harvests, enough to evaluate fruit size and quality. In my z4b location there have been some differences in hardiness- Sultan and Royal Nottingham have had die back on severe winters below -20F. Skra2 has been earliest to ripen, largest fruit and fully hardy. Breda is smaller but productive. I look forward to planting a row of these in a better spot since they are ornamental and I enjoy eating the bleated fruit. I have yet to get a large enough harvest to process them

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interesting. thanks Jesse. I noticed you referred to Royal Nottingham. I have Royal but thought it was aka Dutch rather than Nottingham. Skra2 sounds promising

Not as far as i remember, just put your UPS account number so it can be autocharged (so had to create a UPS account and add your credit card be4hand). Wonder if its changed since 2015/16 is maybe when i did last

Check out the size of these Nottinghams.


My Royal Medlar today… from OGW.

Do you just let these grow as they want ?

Or is there some pruning shaping to do ?

Mine came like this… sort of a low spreading bush form.

I have lots of deer… Will get it caged soon.



I have pruned mine to grow more upright like a single trunk tree to escape deer pressure. I think it would be dealers choice though.