Medlars - fresh fruit in winter

If you have space for it, it’s quite attractive to let them keep branches to the ground.

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@JohannsGarden … have lots of space. I may just put a extra large cage around it and let it grow how it wants to.


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yeah, its got sort of low rambling form by nature. you could do a single stem (what i do) and itll stay pretty compact and very informal, kind of its MO.

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How long do Medlars keep in storage, or do you have to process them as soon as they get soft and ripe?

When ripe they have to be dealt with.


These aren’t just loquats? They look like loquats to me. haha

I have a 15-year old tree that’s about 3m tall and about as wide. We keep pruning it in all directions. Otherwise it would be about 5m tall and 7m in diameter. They do like to spread, but it’s true that this one has ducks feeding and sitting underneath and dplashing water, so it is kind of on steroids…

I grafted this one some 5 years ago (it had 6cm fruit the same season). It’s perhaps half a meter shorter than the larger tree.

This one will get to be a bush -if it behaves well. No 1,2m new growth will be tolerated.

I’m planning on planting a few more in deer territory, protect then until they grow to a 1,5m ball and then see what happens.


I grafted both this year ( ‘Russian Giant’ and Monstreuse d’ Eveinnoff), wonder which one is large but also has best flavor.

I think I also grafted Sultan and Pucia Mol (but not the ‘Pucia Super Mol’ which I’d be interested maybe next year to graft if anyone has and recommends).

I don’t have any of the jumbo varieties to verify, but I’ve heard that the larger ones do not taste as good as the smaller varieties. I’ve got Breda Giant (which is not giant) and Pucia Mol.

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Oh, I keep checking for blossoms…this will be the third year, so fingers crossed! I, too, have Sultan and Pucia Mol. I really do hope I like them…there is very little that I don’t like, so chances are pretty good. The jury is still out on black currants…

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