'Meiwa' kumquat

This guy was planted in a bad spot a few years back and was fading slowly. I dug it up and stuck it in a pot when it was on death’s door. Although the leaves aren’t as green as I’d like, it’s come back pretty strong and has even set some fruit:

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Those yellow leaves look like you might consider adding some urea fertilizer to their mix.

Meiwa is such a delicious kumquat. One guy here grows them in a huge pot. He only has to take them in typically during one week out of the whole year. I keep saying I’m going to try that one of these years. Have to ship it in, and that’s not cheap either.
John S

MrClint, do you have a wider shot? I’ve relocated two citrus plants this year. They both look like they won’t grow an inch this year. Maybe next year.

I’ve been trialing citrus-tone because it’s so cheap and readily available. Truth be told I’m about to drop it completely. It just isn’t giving me the kind of results I’ve seen from [Gro-Power][1] or Dr Earth products. The good news is that the tree is bouncing back nicely and has sent out roots through the bottom of the pot.

Here you go:

It’s sitting in a 15" pot in a potted plant area against a fence with Eastern exposure (morning sun only). There’s some potted ‘Reed’ avocado seedlings and a boysenberry plant in that spot as well.
[1]: http://gropower.com/products.htm


Glad it’s coming on for you MrClint. Where do you live such that you were able to have it previous planted outside? My frame of reference might be off but I’m thinking a 15 inch pot is something like 7-10 gallon?
That’s great that yours is putting down some strong root growth. I have an as yet unidentified one in a 5 gallon that is doing the same thing. Are you going to repot this guy or trim the roots etc? Agreed that the leaves are showing some type of deficiency, doesn’t quite look like chlorosis, maybe magnesium or manganese.

Citrus tone lacks all the micros, just look at the detailed analysis. Go with Dr Earth or other specially formulated options. For non-organic, nothing beats a cheapo Vigoro Citrus fertilizer.

I’m in z10 So Cal where citrus is king.

Many fertilizers don’t list all of the micros. You have to glean that info from the ingredients list. At the end of the day I’d rather not apply the poultry manure element from Citrus-tone.

Yup, that’s why I said detailed analysis. The manufacturer’s website should have that info.

BTW, what’s so bad about the chicken manure?

Often times that’s another another blind alley, they simply display the package label. My approach has been to do the homework as best as you can and then do a trial. All gardening is local and your mileage may vary.

I didn’t say it was bad. A chicken manure arsenic search usually leads to articles that call its use into question. If you like it, stick with it.

Oh I see why you were so interested in low chill blues now, and I can believe that a lot of the fertilizers just don’t list the micros. The Sunniland feed usually works well for me and it lists a couple of them, but that may be a Florida company not sure.