Melastoma affine germination seeds


I have got seeds of Melastoma Affine from Queensland Australia which English name is Blue tongue. I have not managed to get those seeds to germinate. Can you give information or advice how to germinate those seeds? It belongs Melastomataceae family. I have found following information on internet : It is shrub, It grows about 1,8 m high, it have edible fruit. Fruit taste sweet, it stains mouth. It doesn’t tolerate frost, it suits zone 10-12. I thought it might be fruiting inside in pot as it it so small. Seeds are very small, when I put them in mulch and watered I was no longer able to see them. So I couldn’t pick up them up surface. Second time i put seeds in glass water and they have not germinated. Seed packet says following :

“Pre-treatment - none
Sowing surface sow in spring using quality seedling mix. Water gently.
Germination six to 12 weeks depending on temperature (optimum 25 deg c).
Fertliser A low phosphorus fertilizer eg Osmocote native”

They are really small seeds. Maybe this is not right forum to ask this because maybe tropical fruit forum would be better, but i don’t have account there. Another small seed fruit tree seeds which i haven’t managed to germinate is Muntingia Calabura. Does anyone have information or experience germinating this Melastoma affine seeds? Melastoma affine or any other small fruit seeds? I think it is tropical plant so probably don’t need cold weather same way as peach as i have found it can flower year around. As a tropical plant probably don’t need those cold weather germinating seeds using same common sense. They are minute seeds, really small seeds. What those quality seedling mix what she wrote about? I used normal soil. Is anyone growing this fruit tree here and if so what growing experience you have about it?

Yes please this I am new and this information is relevant for me.