Melon identification help request

Does anyone recognize this melon? The skin is like a watermelon or Piel de Sapo; no netting. The orange flesh is like a cantaloupe, but is not very dense. As you can see, the stem does not slip readily.

Thanks in advance for any leads.

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Petit Gris de Rennes? I grew some this year that looked similar.

Thanks for weighing in. Maybe you’re right.
I grow Petit Gris de Rennes every year and normally for me it looks something like this:

But I do now see some pictures online that resemble the melon I asked about. The flesh and aroma are different from the Petit Gris I have grown in the past, but maybe there is some variation in what gets sold under that name.

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It is not Petit Gris de Rennes. That looks very similar to one of the orange Hami melons I grew several years ago. Melons cross indiscriminately within their family. You may have a bee made hybrid.


That occurred to me. I picked the melon a few days ago which is ~150 days from when the ground was warm enough in the spring for a melon seed to germinate in my locale which gave me some reservation that it was a volunteer. It doesn’t look like anything that I thought I had planted, however, so, if not a bee-made hybrid, then likely a mixup when loading a seed packet. I’ll save the seed and grow it out next year. A green, tough-skinned cantaloupe is a virtue for me to thwart critters that take out varieties with the typical color and skin.