Members' Orchard Tours (Video Links)

I expect that many of us would love to watch video tours of our fellow members’ home orchards & gardens. We have people here from many different regions and countries and it is fascinating learn about the different challenges, ecosystems, biodiversity and projects that people are working on. Not to mention the beauty of it.

I recently upgraded from a flip phone to modern technology so I’ll start the ball rolling with a (somewhat long winded) video of my home orchard.

Please post a link to your orchard and garden walk here so that we can all share in the fruits of your labor!

Chappell’s Orchard Tour & Wacky Grafting Projects


Where can a person buy an adara plum? I like the concept of using plums as cherry rootstock.

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Sounds like you got a new toy and enjoy using it😄

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I grew it last year for the first time. Last month I mailed some scions to several members here so hopefully more people will grow it out and share it around. I do not believe that there is currently anyone offering it for sale to the general public. Since myrobalans grow like weeds in my area, it is a natural fit for my orchard.