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Thanks to Bob V, and Alan photos so we can put names to faces. I have been growing fruit trees for a long while and participate in lot of discussions but have not had the chance to upload photo of myself. Here is the photo at the 2015 Ramen Festival in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend with my family. There were so many kind of good Ramens and I got a belly full of them. Everyone, please post your photos so this site will be a very close community.



Tony, a boy a girl, live is perfect. nice family. :smile:


Great looking family!


My kiddo and I at the local fair a few weeks ago.


Cute little girl, about 2 yrs?


Thanksgiving Day, yup.


Great, keep 'em coming!

I looked for a picture of my family and all I have is the formal pictures at my daughters graduation last spring. The problem is I am the one taking the pictures so I am never in them!


Not a great picture of me, but not bad of the yard. That’s my apple Frank N. Tree that I’m passing on the way to our gate. The other picture is me as a young man … : -)


Kelby and Mark I am glad to see your photos. Keep them coming.



here are the pictures of my boy :smiley:


Good Boy :slight_smile:


Great photos everyone…Love this. I couldn’t find one of all all of us (AT work) but here is my detached family. :smile:

My Daughter Ashley.

My husband Tim and of course me (Jennifer) :wink:


Great pictures, Jennifer :thumbsup:


Here’s my family so far. We are adding another one next year! :wink:


Out in the shop making my first ever selfie.


Congrats on a new member to your family next year. John your photo looked great.



The best I could do for a selfie.


My wife and I on our wedding day 7 years ago, followed by a recent pic of my son eating an apple:


You cat has a character!


Tony, Ampersand, Bleedingdirt and Matt, nice kid you are growing!