Members - We need your help please

Hi Folks,

It’s come to our attention that many new members have trouble using the features of the forum. We are going to try to address this by creating some FAQs specifically for new users, so they can jump right in and feel comfortable using the features.

We’ve come up with a short list of questions new users have had, but we need your help.

If you can remember any questions you had when you first started using the forum, could you please respond indicating the question? This will help identify which are the most frequent questions new users may have.

Also feel free to write up the answer to your question (if you know the answer). That may help us in writing the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Lastly, one of the FAQs we have involves how to upload photos to the forum. I have answered it using an android phone and PC. However, if you have a different device (i.e. Apple phone, ipad, etc.) you use to upload photos, could you please indicate the steps you use to upload, since different devices upload slightly differently?

Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers) we have so far.

How to use a search function
How to find other categories
How to create a new thread/topic
How to post pictures

How to use the search function

On the top right corner of the page, you will see a looking glass symbol. It looks like this image Clicking that will give you access to the forum’s search engine.

Click on the image and a dialog box will show up. Type in whatever topic you want to know such as “grafting”, old threads about grafting will show up for you to read.

Looking up old threads is very useful and time saving. If you can’t find info through the search engine, then you can create a new thread.

How to find other categories

Go to the Growing Fruit homepage Across the top are several buttons labeled, “Latest”, “New”, “Unread”, “Top”, “Categories”, and to the far right “New Topic”. Here’s a screenshot:

Click on “Categories” button. That will pull up all the categories on Growing Fruit. Scroll down to click on a category of topics you might be interested in reading.

How to create a new thread/topic

Go to the Growing Fruit homepage Across the top are several buttons labeled, “Latest”, “New”, “Unread”, “Top”, “Categories”, and to the far right “New Topic”.

Here’s a screenshot:

Click on the “New Topic” button. Type in the name you would like for your topic. Then directly toward the right, click the button labeled “Category”. A drop down menu will come down for you to choose the category under which you’d like your new topic to appear. Hint: Most topics fit best under the “General Fruit Growing” Category. Type your text for your new topic in the text box. Please note, brand new users are limited to posting 3 new topics.

How to post pictures

When replying to a post, or starting a new topic/thread, you may insert pictures from your computer or phone. Type your comment or question in the dialog box which pops up when you reply or start a new thread/topic. Place the cursor (the blinking vertical line) where you want your picture.

Next, at the top of the dialog box you will see several symbols. Look for the upload symbol which looks like this:

Click on the image

A dialog box will pull up asking you to add an image from your device (i.e. computer or phone), or from the Web. If you choose to upload a file from your device, then click the “browse” button to find the picture on your device. Note: For android (not Apple) phones, pictures are generally found in the DCIM folder. Look for the DCIM folder. Once you have selected a picture, click “Open”, Then click “Upload”. Voila, your picture should display in your preview. Please note, brand new users are limited to one picture.


Can i also say thank you to Scott for not having any tracking features adware or other crud and hosting a very clean excellent site.


I’m an Apple/Mac user and the interface is a little different but equivalent. I use my phone mostly for just about everything. I can upload pictures so much better from my phone. However when I am typing my post and ready to upload I have to hit the “Done” button to get to the upload symbol.

This is what I see when I hit the upload symbol.

I choose which I want to use and choose the picture(s) and hit done at the top of my photo album. Wait for it to say saved and then continue

Then I can enter more info or photos. I don’t get a picture preview. Just the Code for the picture link as below.

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When I first joined the upload and a few of the other buttons weren’t available to me the first day on my phone or my computer. The next day they were there. I don’t know if it was a post count thing or if you have to be a member for 24 hours before certain features are unlocked or what. Since then I have had no problems with the site.

I can’t stand using the phone, I have an iphone. I’m a little confused as in this photo you posted is the upload symbol



Well…that one would probably work too… lol.


I just wanted to say that I think it is wonderful that all the mods and @scottfsmith are trying to help the new users be more comfortable and find their way around. It shows that you care and is good “customer” support. I for one tend to enjoy the new people- its fun to see folks who have just fallen in love with fruit growing and to watch their journey as they go from having zero knowledge to being quite knowledgeable. I guess it sort of reminds me of my own journey (and is certainly still growing)


Hmmm, that shouldn’t be. A brand new user (Trust level zero) should be able to upload a photo. I just checked the settings and a Trust level zero is set to be able to upload a photo. Maybe it’s a glitch. May I ask what device you were using to view the forum at that time?

Anyone else remember not having the upload button available when first signing up?

The + thing in the circle for starting a new topic isn’t really intuitive


I tried with my home computer Windows 7 operating system and with my Samsung Galaxy S9÷ Android phone. I wound up pasting in a link to my pictures on my google drive. Some people were having trouble viewing the pictures using the link. The next day I had the upload button on my phone. On my computer I had the upload button plus several other buttons that I didn’t have the previous day. So I edited my original post deleting the link and uploading the pictures.

It wasn’t a matter of whether I was editing an existing post or creating a new topic either, because the second day I created a couple new topics and the upload button was available when I created those topics.

Thanks for leading this Mark. Do any regulars remember something it took them “nearly forever” to figure out? One thing that took me awhile is how to quickly get to the bottom (or the top) of a really long thread… Well, the vertical line on the right side is a scroll bar and you can grab and pull it all the way down to get to the bottom. On the phone (Android anyway) I never knew how to grab the scroll bar until recently so I was doing a lot of swipe swipe swipe over and over to get to the top or bottom. To do it fast you need to touch on the little rectangle at the bottom that says something like “1/11” if there are 11 posts and you are on the 1st one… when you touch it a nice scrollbar will pop up! I think I wasted about an hour of my life not knowing that feature was there.


Thanks, Scott. I did a lot of swiping :smile:

Same way to get to scroll bar on iPhone too. And yes when I figured that out it was fantastic!

I still don’t know how to link a thread to another thread. I can copy and paste external links but have problems linking to a previous post. I think I did it once and don’t know how it happened.

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If you are browsing on a computer under where it says (example 11/14 ) indicating which post you are reading it will say something like 8m ago. That indicates how long since the last post in the thread. If you click on that it will take you to the last post in the thread.


Just wanted to follow up about your experience of not being able to upload a pic when you were a brand new user.

I tested that a few minutes ago and the buttons, including upload button, came up for a new account. The buttons didn’t show up until I picked the category for the new topic, but they did show up after a category was selected. Is it possible you didn’t select a category at first, which would explain why you didn’t see the buttons?

It’s been a while so can’t say for sure. It’s all working now.

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I’d like to make a suggestion for something I’d like to see, and if others feel the same they can show it by “liking” this post.

I wonder if there is any way that we could link a person’s introduction post from the “introduce yourself” thread to their profile page. Since a lot of people don’t put where they live or what zone they are in on their profile, or even put a paragraph about themselves, it would be so nice if, when you click on a person’s profile to find out more about them we could see their introduction post. If they want privacy and don’t want people to know where they live, their zone, fruits they grow, etc, then they can simply not do an “introduce yourself” post. But a lot of people do put all kinds of great information in their introduction post - indicating they don’t mind people knowing those things- but then they forget to put it in their profile. There might be other ways to do this…perhaps instead of giving the users a blank section to describe themselves in their profile (and them not knowing what to put) perhaps you could put questionnaire to be sure we get the information they are willing to provide (where they live, what they grow, zone, etc). But people do so good in their introduction posts on the introduction threads that might be the easiest way to just link to it. I often find myself trying to find a new persons intro thread to learn more about them after they post elsewhere, but its very hard to go find their introduction post.

Last but not least, I wish we could improve the map function so that new users are actually prompted to enter their location (of course they can opt out if they wish). I say that because as it is, most new users don’t even know the map exists, and those that do can rarely figure out how to enter their location so they usually end up not doing it or getting @speedster1 to do it, and while he is kind enough to do so, many people don’t know to even ask. In spite of these issues, everyone loves looking at the map to see who is close to them, where someone is, etc, But its just not user friendly.

Just my thoughts…I love the site as it is, of course!



Those are good suggestions. You (and other members) may not be aware there are limitations on the forum program. It’s a program which is not proprietary to anyone. The forum uses the Discourse program as unmodified. Since it’s an open source program, I believe it can be modified to allow more features. @scottfsmith would be the one to comment on the difficulty of doing that.

As it stands, I don’t believe there is any feature that would allow linking of a member’s intro to their profile page. I will say that you can easily view if a member posted an intro post on the intro page.

Just click on their avatar, and click it again when it comes up to get to their personal page. Then click on the search function (which will search all the posts from that member). Type in “introducing” in the search box. If the member has posted on the “Introducing myself to Scott’s forum”, the search will pull up posts or topics with the word “introducing” in them. You can then click on the post to see it.

For example, when I try that with thecityman it pulls this post as the first search :wink:

I know this is a bit more work than the link to the profile page you mention, but just wanted to offer you something until something else can possibly be figured out.

RE: new users prompted to use map function. Again Scott can clarify if he has different thoughts, but one thing we can do is include a reminder in the FAQs. Something like “Is there a map available of Growing Fruit members’ orchards?” Then in the explanation we could offer a reminder and link in case new members want to be included on the map.

Added the link to my introduction thread to my profile and after spending way too much time trying to figure out how to add myself to the map, I wound up sending @speedster a message.