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I just saw this section and thought I’d add a few pics here from time to time.
This is the first Williams Pride apple from my tree last August. It’s grafted on a seedling rootstock.


These are shots of an around 100 year old apple tree in southern Arkansas. You don’t find many that old down here with the insect and disease pressure.
I hope we can identify this eventually. The apple crop was pretty thin last year thanks to a late frost. Fortunately, I’ve got several new trees on standard rootstock I’ll be moving to the farm this spring.


Last one for now is the Tull apple. It’s also a south central Arkansas variety that was listed as extinct in Lee Calhoun’s book Old Southern Apples. The apple pics were taken in early July so they’re quite green still. They still make wonderful pie green or not!
The guy on the left standing in front of two Tull apple trees is none other than Roy Wilson for those of you familiar with the Tull story from Old Southern Apples.


That guy stole my name lol!


Those pictures sure brightened up a dull winter day. Thanks for posting them Scott. My two Tull apple trees on B118 are looking good.


Glad they’re doing well for you. I think it’s making a comeback lol. Guy Ames is selling them commercially this year.


Thanks for posting the great pictures. I’ll be snowed in tomorrow. I’ll try find the Tull apple story in Old Southern Apples.


Here’s the story of finding it.


Thanks for the link and for helping to preserve a piece of history. As an added bonus it looks like a great apple for the hunter as well as the hunted.


A few pics from yesterday. Galloway Crab, an Asian pear i grew from seed and Beach on b118, an old Arkansas apple from around 1870. Going to have it’s first crop this year. Spring has finally arrived in the hills.


Here’s the pear!


Looking good Scott. Any Limbertwigs in bloom ?


Surprisingly not a one. I thought Coffelt Beauty would this year, but it didn’t look like it was going to the other say. I guess another year of growth will do it good.


Stop the press! Coffelt Beauty has one flower cluster. If it makes, and the squirrel and deer don’t beat me to them, I’ll try one this year.


I have one in the nursery from last springs grafting. It was a little small last fall to plant but should be nice sized for this fall’s planting. Also have 3 grafted from the scion I received for you this spring. :sunglasses:


My first chestnut graft is growing. This is Luvalle’s Monster I recieved from Richard Fahey this spring. Only thing i know about it is a hybrid.
Grafted to a Chinese seedling.


Luvalle’s Monster is growing like a weed! Even has catkins.


Wilson June apples getting a little color already! This is an old Arkansas variety from the Cane Hill area.

The tree is Victoria Limbertwig on b118 showing off why it’s a limbertwig.


My black walnut grafts are just starting to grow. I’m not sure if it’s a named variety or not, i found it growing at a very old homeplace, but it makes really large walnuts.


Looking great Merle! Good to see your still in the bidness. :slight_smile: