Mesh sourcing/vol guards

I’m having a hard time locating rolls of plastic mesh for vol guards. I’ll need 1 yd widths. Any recommendations? I’ll need roughly 750 feet.


…It just dawned on me that I’m already preparing for winter. Frost possible, even likely in 10-11 weeks. Sigh…

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yep the growing seasons starts in early june to mid aug. here. not much time to grow and harvest + prepare the perennials for winter

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Giving this a bump, hoping…

I use aluminum window screen. Widely available and affordable

Wondering how it holds up to snow. Do you wrap it tightly and loosen as the tree grows? I like the idea.

My trees are in their first through third seasons for what it’s worth and whatever guard I use will need to be supported by a stake for now.

I use a household stapler to keep the screen tight to the trunk. As the tree grows, the staples simply open up. I do check on them at least annually to make sure no girdling is occurring. I haven’t had it happen more than a few times in 15+ years of using the method. Holds up to snow just fine. I use 36" screen, but if I were in a higher (or lower) snow area I would adjust the height. I know a few folks in the UP of MI who use 48" screen.

No stake required

under the snow they can climb up a tree as high as the snowline. I’ve gave up on tree protectors as they just bypass them most years. block poison put out just before the snow flies does a much better job protecting my trees. :wink:

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