Metasequoia from seed, Season four

Some of you know me from the “other board” know that I like growing trees from seed. I gave my father two Metasequoia In Spring, 2015 that I sprouted in spring of 2014.

My dad is a zone colder than me (I’m in 7a Maryland, he’s in 6a Ohio, they used to be classified as 5b).

Still, in his climate and only average, fairly heavy soil, they are now 13’ and 11’ and even showing a real root flare, after four seasons of growth! Not bad, if I do say so myself.


I wonder if anyone here has had any luck growing Sequoiadendron giganteum in the humid East.

At times, Matt. I’ve seen a few seedlings up in the 30’s or 50’s ft. and beyond range in New York. The cultivar ‘Hazel Smith’ is a selection from East Coast but it doesn’t have any special attributes (humidity tolerance) than seedlings. I’ve seen a lot of Hazel Smith’s that look horrific anywhere they’ve been planted with extreme humidity.


I have a redwood growing in a pot but I don’t know the variety. It’s about 2 ft high but looks very nice and this summer was very humid. Second year from seed. Don’t know what I’ll do with it.


That’s really impressive BG1977! Mine is not from seed, although I have grown a lot of trees from seeds. Ginkgos, maples, mostly. Here is my Metasequoia, was bare root tree last October. At the time, there were barely any roots, surprised it survived. Just now changing to fall color.


That’s a Metasequoia/Dawn Redwood.


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