Meyer lemon tree problem

I have a myers lemon tree (improved) that is having issues. I have had it for 5 years but last year I had a spider mite problem and when I repotted it looks like the potting mix may have not been ideal for draining. I think it may have over watered when it lost it’s leaves due to spider mites. Now it looks like rot took over. I removed some of the bad roots and am trying to figure out how to spur root growth again. Currently the tree has leaves and new growth and even two lemons before I cleaned up the roots. Does anyone know if soaking the tree in a bucket of water with an air stone going will help spur new root growth or should I just replant it and hope for the best. I have a grow light. Here are what roots are left. I can’t tell if they are all gone or still alive.

The best way is good soil that drains well but also holds some water and nutrients. My most successful potting mixes error on the side of good drainage. Poor drainage is a plant killer in pots or in the ground.


Note that the correct name is Meyer lemon, although everyone understands what is meant by Meyers lemon.

I understand the well draining soil. The soil I had drained well but when the tree lost its leaves I think it stopped taking up as much water. And I think the soil got too compact because it was older. I am wondering if I could help save the tree (which is shooting out new leave growth and has older leaves on it) by aeration in a bucket with water and light fertilizer. So when I replant the tree has new roots.

Madlemon, citrus don’t like wet feet. That’s one reason why it’s important to use well draining growing media. It’s also the reason why saucers aren’t put under their pots.
Some trees that I have rescued I have repotted and given them a couple of doses of seasol (you’ll find it on Aussie websites if you google it) so you might find similar things in the US. It’s a seaweed based product intended to assist plants revitalise their root systems so it’s not a fertiliser. I also gave them a bit of a haircut to take some pressure off the root system and brought them out of the full sun for a few weeks.
It might also be worthwhile to treat for root rot.