Meyer lemon

Thought I’d share, my first small meyer lemon starting to ripen


That’s cool!
I have one that’s been growing in a wooden container for 15 years. It’s still under 3 feet tall. It gets quite a few lemons. I overwinter it in a sunny room and rarely water it during the winter. It doesn’t seem to mind. A few times, I forgot to water it all winter, and all of the leaves and lemons fell off, but it recovered.


For 5B, pretty impressive!

Thanks Calron. I’m in a climate within a climate. The citrus is grown out in the greenhouse z 9b. Minus some sun in winter lol.

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Yes very cool. I have an orange tree from a seed from Sugar Belle (not honey). Purchased at an Amish market in Sarasota. See what happens?
Another good plant for indoor culture is Bearss Lime. I have a friend who has had one for about a decade, and it produces every year.

Just took these off my Meyer lemon:

It’s citrus season!


Doy ou monitor your soil temperature, Citrus roots generally stop growing at soil temperature below 59F, and root growth improves the higher the root temperature is up to at least 86F, some studies say even higher, though his may depend more on overall plant temperature vs root temperature…

I didn’t know that about the root temps. I don’t check on soil temperature. Most of the citrus is in flower and or leafing out. A lot more flowers to come. I notice only when they’re in outside light do you see that pink on the petals like that.


I don’t monitor root temp either. Mine is in a pot, mostly kept outside. In 8a GA, it’s plenty warm in the spring/summer/fall. This winter, I’m going to try leave by it outside and dragging it back in when it’s supposed to frost. I kept it inside last winter and didn’t notice anything in particular. It didn’t seem happy or sad, it just kinda sat there till I put it out again. :grin:

But my goal is not to have the best/most productive tree ever, just to keep it alive and enjoy what I do get. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Update- Around Feb 10 it came loose from the plant. From flower to this in 9 months, Amazing!


Beautiful Meyer lemon! I have a small tree that I keep in a pot. I live in zone 6b, so I keep it in the garage during the winter months. The leaves eventually fall off bc it gets little sun in the garage, but it always seems to recover. I bought it two years ago and I believe it gave me 11 lemons this year!


I had three ripe meyer lemons last month. I left them on the tree to long. The flavor was still great. I was able to peel them so I put them in a food processor and made lemonade with pulp. It was the best lemonade I have ever had!


Very nice; I see you said “most of the citrus” i.e. you have more than the Meyer Lemon? In my experience the flowers of this (and most other lemons) usually have a purple blush, although maybe the color is more apparent here with it being more sunny and also warmer than there. Here’s an old picture from my Meyer:


Yes I’ve noticed the same,oranges and grapefruits are white blossoms…lemons have the purplish tint…

that looks great.

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True. My Meyer flowers have the same colors as yours in hot inland CA.

Another meyer starting to ripen. This one is really small but it’s now in the ground so hopefully that will fix it.


I love my Meyer lemon! I’m in z5b Colorado and it does well in a sunny window in the winter. Produces a bunch of lemons every year. I use a q-tip to pollinate. Smells great when it blooms and the lemons sometime are sweet enough to easily eat straight up.

When I grew them inside over winter, No matter how hard I tried they would always end up with scale at some point before putting them back out in May. Some people just have the right touch I guess. They are a great lemon with so many uses.