Meyer's lemon help. No leaves, but flowering

I got this Meyer’s lemon online Oct 2016. After it arrivals, it slowly loses its leaves. Nov last year I moved it an artificial light grow tent. It had some mites issue and continue to lose its leaves. Now it lost ALL of its leaves. Just before I am going to throw it out, it starts flowering, but still no leaves.

Should I keep it and what should I do make it grow leaf again? I never thought this can happen to a citrus tree. This is stone fruit behavior :confused:


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I’m no citrus expert but I’ve killed my fair share of them. Maybe try to give it some fertilizer and hope for a good spring flush? Hope you get some good tips from some of the experienced growers!

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  1. It will leaf out again.
  2. Your lighting is incorrect. Please use 6500 Kelvin fluorescent bulbs, at a flux density of 1200 Watts per square meter (or yard).
  3. Please check that you are not over or under watering the plants.
  4. Citrus are heavy feeders. While you have them in small containers indoors under artificial lights, I recommend you use a 20-10-20 Orchid Food (follow directions on the label).

that happens quite often almost every winter here in the desert, meyer lemons and even kumquats do that after a frigid spell and subsequent warming, and our aussie finger lime just did it too, losing all leaves then sending out flower buds

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