Michigan Bulb Sale

Michigan Bulb is running a promo today “Celebrate 8-8 with $8 plants!”. They call it their Crazy 8s Sale (88). Flower gardeners will find some great deals in there. I’ve not looked through the entire 88 plant sale to see if it includes any fruit trees but I did see some nice roses. They are running a separate promo if you spend $40 then you get $20 off. Watch the promos because depending on what your buying depends on which is the better deal. There is a peony for $8 that is normally $20 under the crazy 8 sale but if you use the $40 sale it’s $20. They are also clever with the pricing the peony is actually $19.99 so if you bought two you are short of $40 by 2 cents. Better buy a cheap pack of vegetable seeds to meet the minimum. I’m not sure how they price shipping currently. http://michiganbulb.com


Michigan Bulb used to be a terrible place to do business, sending fragmented shipments of field-run bulbs, taking forever to fill orders, and so on. I’d proceed with caution.

Its reputation has not yet improved.

Google Scoop on Michigan Bulbs, the review for the year is 5 positives, one neutral and 8 negatives.

Proceed with caution, indeed.

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Michigan Bulbs is another front for Scarlet Tanager LLC. They are also owners of Henry Fields and Gurney’s. I haven’t had bad luck with Gurney’s, in fact, last year I wanted them to delay a plum for shipping, and they did. I can’t imagine that if you call Michigan Bulbs that you get any different customer service reps than the other two.

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Good to know