Mid Pride Peach


Sliced, sealed, delivered :wink:

Please tell me the best way to freeze fresh peaches

Love that peach, Richard. Love the beak on it.


Since I only have room for one peach tree - this is it :smiley:. As I mentioned to @puggylover75, if I had room for two I’d also grow Eva’s Pride. Of the peaches in this haul the largest was 13 ounces, but on average they were 10 ounces.


All of these peaches are making me cry! :cry:


My oldest daughter who lives in Homer AK is in the same state of emotion.



Great… I’ll PM with my address so you can send me some.

I am peachless this year.



The final 8 from the tree.


I too, like HQ love the shape of that peach. It is so Chinese, just perfect!


Pruned from 12’ down to 5’ :smiley:




Looking good Richard!


Richard, never seen your backyard looking quite so damp!


Your orchard looks great as it always does. What do you have growing on the fence? Is it a fruit plant or something just for privacy?


Hah, I can tell you - it is a MASSIVE passiflora vine. I love Passionfruit juice. There were fruits everywhere on the vine, even falling to the ground. Such a nice specimen.

Patty S.


Yes, as @hoosierquilt says … it’s Passiflora edulis “Frederick” trained on the fencing. It provides goose-egg size passion fruits year-round for juice – which I mainly use as a condiment.


Oh Boy! My absolute favorite. Will I be able to grow it in zone 9a France?




Yay!!! thank you Richard. When in Hawaii I drink two glasses of Lilicoi juice and I found a paper container of passion fruit juice at the supermarket (in the foreign foods dept). Pure sugar tasted half like over-sweetened apple juice. Horrible. I cannot find it on the East Coast.


I assumed you were talking about Mid Pride Peach, the topic of this thread. Maybe not?

In my experience Passiflora edulis “Frederick” is hardy in zone 10a and portions of 9b where sub-30F temperatures are very brief, typically a few hours before sunrise.