Mid Year Varmint Report

I usually do this annually, but I’m bored today, and tired of eating
wormy peaches, plums, and pluots. So far, I’ve either trapped or shot:

Squirrels 11
Rabbits 2
Possums 4
Raccoons 2
Mice 1

Today I found a possum in an unbaited trap, he must have been bored too,
and shot a rabbit that was dining on my melon vines.


3 voles (death by falling into small pond)
One small brown snake, run over by lawnmower = sushi

2 voles and 2 mice (garage)…rabbits are still everywhere (babies now). They’ll need to be dealt with at some point. Squirrels are almost non existent the past few months.

1 squirrel…after I got the one the others haven’t come back…

now I have an armadillo problem…

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Two coons. One fox remains and he’s eaten 20 times the outdoor stone fruit that I have. He’s too smart to trap because I unwisely trained him to be trap shy. Should have shot him when I had the chance.

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But foxen catch rabbits and voles, etc

We don’t have rabbits or voles, at least not near my place. If the critter eats all my stone fruit it’s no better than a coon, IMO.

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My fox eats a peach or 2 a night, but has earned his keep by whipping coons rear ends. I love my fox and feed him/her dog food every night.


Two rabbits and about a 1/2dz ground squirrels. Thought I was going to have to get after some grackles but they must have moved on.

The Fox is probably thirsty

I’m curious about these. What did you use to get rid of them? Are they nocturnal? This looks interesting but I’ve never seen them to be able to follow up and give it a try.

I trapped about 3 dozen ground squirrels in the month of June. I use the squirrelinator trap and chicken pellet feed as bait.

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Yeah, I’m thinking I’d be happy to have a fox around.

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In my best PC language. Eviction from their domicile via large amounts of hydration, followed by large amounts of pressure applied to their body mass.:wink: In the past if they made the mistake of climbing into a downspout in my presence… they were then introduced into a large pail of H2O, where enough downward force was then applied to them until the amount of O2 in their breathing organs was significantly replaced by H2O.:wink:


I’d rather a fox than the coyotes we’ve got

Which is why our fox sightings are rare

I’ll take the coyotes too. We can hear them at night sometimes, but otherwise don’t see much evidence. I think the neighbors will take them out if they get the chance.

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Prolly 15 or so berry stealing birds put out of their misery… 5 rabbits and prolly 6 voles.

Four children.I’ll spare the details. Brady

Me too, for years now. But only in summer months. A 22 rifle with a handheld spotlight around midnight usually gets a dozen armadillos. Very destructive critters. If you water your lawn or flower beds, check there first. They smell the wet dirt and go straight to that smell. Good luck!

I was wondering what people use - alas, no firearms here and the surveillance is vigilant