Midori Giant Edamame soybeans

Anyone growing the infamous heirloom Midori Giant Edamame? I’m planting a row of them this year. My information is limited on these though my understanding is they produce a heavy crop on the center of the stem in about 70 days. My understanding is germination is typically very fast. The seeds are treated like gold but more valued at silver prices! Like anything new to this country the rules of supply and demand exist so 50 seeds is around $6. I’m going to space them out 4" - 6" apart. I’m going to plant them about 1" deep in saturated soil since it has rained continuosly for around 2 weeks. I’m normally not the mud them in type of gardner. I’ve read there are 100 types of edamame. These seeds i’m planting are dark green but the edamame seed colors can be brown, light green or other colors.

I bought a couple seed packs of this variety at a Japanese grocery store on a whim, but haven’t planted them yet. It was the hipster in me wanting to grow my own after eating some edamame at a restaurant. I’ll have to plant them this week to follow along on your adventure.

I also picked up a pack of one called Chiba Green just because it was a different type to compare.

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Since they are a legume i’m putting them in my worst soil. They have everything going against them but since they are a soybean they may still do well. I have grown lots of soybeans on this property in the past and they produce around 40 bushels an acre typically. Hopefully the soybeans will do very well but i had to save the best soil for the tomatoes. How will you plant yours? A person never knows in Kansas what will do good.

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I’ll most likely dig up more of my ever shrinking lawn to make room for them. As you mentioned, they are legumes, so I’m counting on them enriching their soil space for future plantings of other crops. However, I’m not good at watching plants struggle so they’ll likely get some watering and fertilizer in my spare time. I heard that planting them in a staggered manner would allow a steady harvest over several weeks or months depending on the length of your growing season. Do they senesce once they form pods or do they keep growing indefinitely like cowpeas?

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Dont know yet but my understanding is they produce their crop all at once like a determinate tomato. Yes like you i may give them some fertilizer if time permits. Finished planting the row of seed by lantern tonight as there is supposed to be more rain heading this way.


Just as an update I didn’t find what I wanted for seeds this year yet.