Miho Satsuma

That is my Miho Satsuma in one of my greenhouses. I have had that tree for years. Probably at least eight years and maybe longer. I really like the flavor of that one. I have grown Owari and a few others but this one is my favorite. I have not had Gold nugget yet though and I’ve heard they are great. By the way I had already picked lots of Satsumas off that tree when I took the picture. It has been loaded this year! Anyway I don’t hear much about this variety and I wanted to share.


Here’s the record from UCR:
Miho Wase Satsuma Mandarin

Thanks for posting that. It truly has an excellent flavor and I’ve noticed not many people seem to be growing it. Do you grow this one?

Nope, just Frost Owari and Gold Nugget.

I grew the standard Owari for years and I liked it though I prefer Miho. Owari and its many sports are very popular were I am from in South Louisiana. I am very curious about Brown Select and planted one for my Mom in Baton Rouge last year. I keep hearing gold nugget over and over it must be great.

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Good choice when choosing satsumas that might be a bit less acid and thus a bit sweeter. Similar to Brown Select. But I am assuming things like similar watering (or lack thereof when the fruit are fully formed but not yet ripe) similar soil, similar nutrients, similar Sunlight, similar hot Summer, and similar cold weather when almost ripe…A great video on satsumas can be found on youtube under “Japanology satsuma mandarins”.

Satsumas at local market yesterday.

Ill find that video. Thank you.


How is one to know which Satsuma he has if the label does not specify?

There is no USDA produce requirement to do so. “Tangerine” is an acceptable grade of fruit sold in a market.