Millennia Blueberry

After several years my Millennia blueberry (SHB) is still my winner. Each year this bush comes through with a good crop of berries while my other varieties do good on some years but not all. This year I noticed that when we dropped to 24F the fruit buds were not as advanced as the others and in return appeared to be damaged less. I don’t know if there are other reasons for it coming through with a good crop but it seems to handle issues best in my location. Millennia ripens a little before the rabbit eyes and a little later than the other southern highbush. It has a medium to large sweet berry. The other blueberries I currently have are Star, Oneal, and Primadonna (SHB). I also have Tifblue, Premier, Climax, and Pink Lemonade (RE). The flowers are not all open yet and it is difficult to see but it appears to be my heaviest producer again if the good weather continues.