Miniature crape myrtle

I’ve gotten facinated with miniature crape myrtles. I have around 15 varieties mostly from a guy in Florida. They range in size from 6 inches to 3 feet tall. Try not to grow any taller than that. They have various growing habits, low and floppy, tall and scragly, mounds. Not much information out there on the web so I made a website: CrapeMyrtle - mrtexascitrus

A friend introduced me to them several years ago. He was selling them at farmer’s markets near Austin,TX. One good source is crapemyrtleguy. He sells them for $6 each quart size in multiples of 4. Doesn’t have many miniatures however, has the miniatures but is expensive. I got mine when they were around $8 each but now like $25. I find growth habit descriptions on the web to be inaccurate.

Varieties so far:

pocomoke 8-12" rose red
Houston 12-24" watermelon red
Orlando 18-24" lavender
Cordon Bleu 24-36" lavender blue
Bayou Marie 24-26" red/white
Pixie white 18-30" white
Mardi Gras 24-36" violet
Baton 'Rouge 24-36" red
Bourbon Street 18-30" pink
Worlds Fair 12-24" red
Lafayette 12-18" lavender
Pink Blush 12-18" pink white
Delta Blush 12-18" pink
Sacramento 12-24" red
New Orleans 12-18" purple
Chickasaw 8-12" fuschia pink

Now I’ve found that they are very easy to propagate with soft wood cuttings. I use zip lock bags in liu of mist. These rooted in just two weeks and are now actively growing. I picked soft wood before they started to bloom. Easiest propagation I’ve ever done.


Hi @anon47724557 I am thinking about getting a few of these online to put into hanging baskets. It appears they don’t mind heat or dry conditions based on their Mediterranean origins. I just wanted to get an opinion on whether you thought that would be an effective way to plant them. Also, have you used the berries from your plants? Research told me that they are used to make some sort of liquor and that some people use them sparingly as a seasoning in certain dishes. I am glad to see that they are easy to clone as well!