Miracle berry from seed or cuttings?

Does anyone know if miracle berry is generally grown from seed? There isnt all that much information online about it or varieties available but I don’t want to put several years into growing it if it turns out there are named varieties that are more productive.


From what I have read the seeds don’t store well. No one really sells seed. With a perennial bush you will also be waiting years even if it germinates.

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I had seen someone on another forum selling seeds. I read this article afterwards. With shipping cost for seed, I would just buy a small plant.

  1. The seed viability is short (after you expose the seed to air and it starts to dry, the embryo apparently don’t last much longer than day or two); and
  2. When grown from seed, they are initially slow taking nearly a year to produce only half-a-dozen leaves.

Got it, I was not aware of the poor storage time on the seeds. Thank you!

Great information to know, thank you very much!

miracle berry like any tropical has seeds that must be plante immediately. they grow very slowly and must be watere with acidified rainwater, no city tap water.

Growing miracle fruit trees. For those of you not familiar with them they make a small berry that if eaten will make sour food taste sweet for around a half hour. A lemon with taste sweet but sort of odd as well. I’m very experienced killing miracle fruit trees. They are a very acid loving shrub. Potting soil for them is best to be perlite and peat moss or ground pine bark and pine needles. Easiest way to kill them is commercial fertilizer and city water(pH is usually 8 or so) as I killed at least a dozen that way. They like shade. Use rain water on them and even better get some phosphoric acid Ospho from a hardware store and add a tablespoon per gallon to get to a 4 pH as verified by pH paper. The only fertilizer I didn’t kill them with is blood meal. Give them a shot of blood meal and acidified water and they will thrive and give you lots of new growth. Some say water only sparingly but I watered mine every day and they loved it. Cold weather is another story however. They don’t like under 40F. I didn’t have a greenhouse and lost about half of the plants every winter as I don’t do much watering in the winter. I tried keeping them inside but I’m forgetful about watering house plants. Use acidified water and blood meal and you will get plenty of berries. I finally decided they were just a novelty and after a few tries of lemon and lime tasting sweet I lost interest. Still very exciting for those that haven’t tried them. Grow easily from seed but seeds will die unless water is acidified. Best to buy a larger plant for a start but they are expensive since they grow pretty slowly. One time I bought several plants and thought I would air layer some. None of the air layers worked. Last year I nearly bought another one for $100 that looked like it was calling me.

Miracle fruit trees are a super tropical and die for sustained temps below 50F