Miracle-Gro 24-8-16 as foliar spray

I looked the all purposes Miraclegro label . It looks like have all the trace elements I wanted for the tree. I don’t want to buy another fertilizer specific for the foilar. I have too many types of fertilizer on hand.

My question
1)Can I use Miraclegro as a supplement foilar spray?
2)at what rate tbs/gl ?

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People use miracle grow as a foliar spray frequently. 1/2 tsp per gallon is what i think the rate is everyone uses. Dont burn the leaves. If you use it frequently cut the mix back. The hotter the weather the more of an issue it will become. Like anything we use water based fertilizer late at night only after the sun goes down.

Clark, I have read somewhere that foilar spray fertilizer has to be way less concentrated than the rate of soil application to avoid leaf burn

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Got it. Thanks a lot

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One more question, can Miraclegro be mix with fungicide like captan or immunox in one tank?



Someone like @Olpea would be more of an expert on that. I would do it but since it contains many minerals some salts may bind with the fungicides. As an example my water is very hard so when i mix a chemical that spray has a limited time because the minerals in the water are bonding with the chemicals in the spray making it less effective. Some people add a little vinegar to the water making the spray more effective. Keep in mind vinegar in high amounts is a herbicide. Im no expert on chemicals i seldom use them. @olpea is pretty good on those types of questions. @Richard is very knowledgeable about fertilizer as well. Usually with my trees and plants i use composted cow manure when i use anything. Once in awhile i may need to use some zinc or boron or magnesium in very low trace amounts. I’ve used boron only once as it was needed but none before or since was needed. I’m not an organic farmer but many mistake me for one because i might stay organic for long periods of time. Miracle grow gives a plant a super charge as soon as you apply it. Typically i have more of the long term slow feeding approach manure gives. Miracle grow salts build in the ground over time and can disrupt some natural soil processes. In this case as a foliar spray i see little downside.


Hmm, I’m not sure about mixing it w/ captan. Captan requires the water to be acidified or it can break down really fast (called alkaline hydrolysis). If you acidified the water with miracle grow, I’m wondering if it could be phytotoxic to the leaves? Also would the acidified water cause something in the miracle grow to precipitate out?

It’s probably OK to try to mix the miracle grow with immunox, but I would advise using a jar test first, and spraying it on a very small portion of the tree as a test.

I would not mix any hort oils with miracle grow.


That specific formulation I’d spray at 1/4 tsp per gallon. Early morning would be the best time when the pores are open for dew.


Just saw the 24 Nitrogen on there! Thats hot stuff!

It’s economical.