MIracle Grow Liquafeed amount to use?

Anybody have the measuring spoon for Miracle Grow Liquafeed? I only bought refills not the entire kit, figured it would give amount to use per gallon, but it doesnt on the label and didnt see it on a quick internet search. Thanks

From the MG site (http://www.miraclegro.com/smg/goprod/miracle-gro-liquafeed-advance-hose-end-feeder/prod140002)

With Watering Cans:

  1. Attach dosing spoon to bottle by removing cap and twisting dosing spoon onto bottle.
  2. Tilt bottle and gently squeeze so that liquid begins to fill dosing spoon. Fill to top line to mix with 2 gallons of water, fill to lower line to mix with 1 gallon of water.
  3. Pour Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® All Purpose Plant Food from dosing spoon into watering can and fill with water. Apply diluted solution to the base of the plants. One gallon feeds approx. 10 sq. ft.

Thanks unfortunately I only have refill bottles. No built in measuring device or spoon, etcc… I saw where other people asked the same question and Scotts actually says let us know if you dont have the measuring spoon and we will send you a measuring spoon. Like the amount is some trade secret for crying out loud!!

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I was in the same situation. I went to the store and pulled out a kit and looked at the spoon. It’s the equivalent of two tablespoons. The cap of the bottle holds right at a tablespoon so I’ve been using one cap full to the gallon.


Thanks! I was guessing it was something like that. Not sure why they wouldnt just indicate so on the label.

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