Miracle Tree—inarching

This spring, I posted a photo of a 3 year old apple tree whose lateral roots had all been eaten by voles. I thought for sure the tree was dead, but I thought there was nothing to lose by experimenting.

So I tried inarching. It’s like bridge grafting, which as most of you explained to me, is a way of saving a girdled tree.

Inarching is the same basic method, but the difference is that instead of using a scion to bridge over a girdled part of the trunk, you graft rootstock onto the trunk to replace missing roots. (Maybe everyone knows this, bit it was news to me).

I grafted Two m111 rootstocks onto my grimes golden in early spring and the tree is doing surprisingly well. I’m planning to overwinter it in its large pot until I’m confident the graft inions are strong. Then, I’ll plant it out next spring.

Just wanted to share my miracle tree.


Nice save!

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Very cool… learned my new word for the day: inarching. Nicely done!