I purchase several Honeycrisp a couple years ago and out of the ten or so two of them I don’t believe are Honeycrisp. I am attaching a couple of leaf pictures. I’m thinking crabapple or plum. Thoughts?

Gee, hard to say. Just wait a month and it should be obvious. Right now the top one looks like an apple or plum, and the bottom one is almost certainly an apple.

The bottom one almost looks like an apple seedling to me. I’m not saying it is, but just that apple seedling leaves tend to look more like that, whereas new grafted apples have perhaps a little more “velvety” leaves, and maybe aren’t so jaggedy looking? Very poor word description, I know.

The first one looks like a plum to me too, but it’s hard to tell for me too, w/ so few leaves.

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I will give these a month or so and check back with some updated pictures. They are so different than the original trees they came with. I’m not sure what to think. They both have grafts so I don’t think they are rootstock that never took the graft… without a blossom or fruit I’m a bit miffed.