Mislabeled Mirabelle. Pleas i.d

This was sold to me by Raintree as Mirabelle de Metz. It took 4 years to fruit and when I looked online De Metz does not look anything like these.

They taste fine but just like a generic plum with amber flesh with a little acid on the peel

Can anyone help i.d.?


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I would guess Stanley or D’Ente 707 prune.

Stanley is dark blue not red my d’ente 707 has yet to produce so can’t say one way or another. Trying to think of a reddish color plum only one off top of my head is maybe Victoria?

Perhaps, French Improved, but many Euro plums look very similar.

I was thinking it could be French Improved but mine are darker skin. That could be because I let them fully ripen to almost wrinkled.

Is the inside amber color?

The sugar goes way up when the start to wrinkle a bit.

You might be right based on the photo attached.


Are your plums free stone? In your pic, it looked like a stone could come off easily. Mine are not.

Also, like @Stan said there several E plums that look like that.

I wonder if you could check Raintree website or contact Raintree with the pic to see if they could identify it for you.

They should send you a new mirabelle tree for free.

@mrsg47 told me that mirabelles de Mets are often used for cooking. For fresh eating, she likes mirabelle de Nancy. So do I.

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Looks like Victoria plum.

Mike, this is a mirabelle de Metz. It is more oval than round. The Nancy and perfume de September are round. Mrsg