Missouri Forestry Seedlings

The pawpaw seedlings were sold out before 9.00 am eastern time.

Anyone needing other varieties probably need to hurry.

Good luck to all


Wow, that was quick. Anyone wanting pawpaws should still order them, since I know last year they wound up being available again later - possibly someone orders some and then doesn’t pay the invoice in the required 30-days.

I forgot to mention that option when I posted.

I saw a couple of years ago that they sometimes have a large number for reallocation. I put in an order for 300 persimmon several days after the site showed them sold out. Not only did they cover the reallocation orders, they also reopened the site for more orders after shipping started.

If anyone needs any, it can’t hurt to try.

The downside is that it is usually pretty late before you find out if you are going to get a reallocation.