Mixing Sevin dust with water?

Since liquid sevin concentrate is no longer carbaryl, can the dust be dissolved in water and used as a spray? If so, at what concentration?


If it’s the Sevin dust I’ve used it isn’t water soluble. Try a little. I don’t think it will dissolve or stay suspended in the water. Maybe you have something different.

I did buy a gal of carbaryl liquid but couldn’t find smaller amounts.

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I tried it a couple years ago when liquid was hard to get. It clumped up pretty bad and if I recall it kinda clogged the sprayer tip.


Years ago my dad used to do it. It seemed to work for him.

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I think a couple years ago when there seemed to be a supply problem with the then Carbaryl Sevin, that it was maybe Tony who suggested that we try mixing the powder with water.

I remember thinking at the time that if this works my worries are over, as the powder was readily available and cheaper. To me was really no big deal, I figured I’d add to the water, shake it up and spray cheap Sevin.

Well I never tried it in my big ATV tank sprayer, nor my Stihl backpack sprayer, only the little 1&2 gal pump sprayers. I had problems with those tips clogging. If it would have worked for me I’d still be doing it, but it would spray for a bit, clog - I’d clean - rinse and repeat, etc.

But IDK, maybe some different type tips would not have that problem.

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I am using 2 to 3 table spoons of Sevin dust per one gallon of water. I shook and turned the sprayer well to dissolve them. It works fine for me without clumped or clogged the sprayer. I opened tip wider to get a good stream of liquid to shoot to the top of the 18 feet trees.