Mobile view vs normal view on iPad

I use my iPad as my main generally surfing device. Because it’s a tablet, not a phone, I have the space to support a normal/desktop view. But, it seems like about once a day this site loads as a mobile view. Is there a way to force it not stay desktop?

It’s weird, because I will browse for hours in a desktop view and the BAM! It’s mobile. Sometimes it will be that way a week, sometimes only a couple hours. Refresh doesn’t change back. But re-entering the site from a fresh tab will be in desktop view.

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Are you using Safari? If so, it’s a built-in setting. If you have it in the background, it won’t retain the web page in memory to conserve resources. Then, when you go back to Safari, it will load the page again, in mobile mode because it didn’t save it all in memory.

It looks like there’s a way to force it in settings, but it would do it for all websites:


Thanks! I probably should fix that setting because mobile mode annoys me so much :joy:

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Have you tried rotating the display 90 degrees between portrait and landscape mode? The “wider” landscape mode might trigger the desktop view.

I pretty much only ever have the iPad in landscape. But, it doesn’t seem related to accidental rotations.

Interesting followup. I had request desktop set. And I have turned it off and on again. And yet, still mobile at least once a day. It’s a mystery.