Mold inside my Hachiya Persimmons

Many of this year’s crop on my Hachiya Persimmon have a greenish mold (?) inside the center of the fruit. This has never happened before in the 20 year history of the tree. Any idea what this is and/or what might be causing it?

I got a few store bought Hachiya persimmons that had molds just like yours. I think the molds traveled from the stem of the fruit by collected moisture condition and developed molds from there onto the center of the fruits. If the fruit has only a little mold in the center then you can cut the area out and still can eat it.


a lot of the breeding I’ve read from papers in the 90’s has been for problems such as this which cause these problems as well as crop drop and loss of money due to. I have no idea when they began breeding for issues, however.

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