Mongee Banana

A grower in Japan has created a new “type” of banana which they say can survive and fruit in temperate climates, grows and produces faster, and has an edible peel. They say that the process to create this type of banana used a “variety based on the Gros Michel” and involved “freeze-thaw awakening”, where “saplings” were frozen to -60C and then somehow survived to be planted. This somehow reverts tropical plants to their former ice age selves :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The saplings are freezed to minus 60
degrees then thawed and planted.
Keeping the plants at a maximum daytime
temperature of 13 degrees, and zero at
night, the banana plants come out of
hibernation and flourish.

Freeze-thaw awakening method of the plants, which is invented by Momotaro papaya Institute, is a new breed crop production technology using a protoplast related species synthesis technology in addition to its own cold resistance gene information awakening technology.

To awakening the ability genetic information that the plant has nascent by freeze-thaw method, (and the recovery of cold resistance gene information has been lost in the global warming, erasing of environment information stored in the warm period that has been brought about by global warming). Also to destroy the cell wall, if necessary, after the freeze-thaw excised protoplasts, and produced new varieties crop, to fusion the protoplast that is extracted from the near edge type plant.

Different from the genetically modified crops and genetically engineered crops, we believe this is no risk and third of new varieties crop production technology.

This process was first reported successful in papayas.

There is one hands on taste test just below, but flavor and peel thickness were compared to Cavendish. And the peel looks to be tougher than claimed: said to be “lettuce-like”.

What do you guys think, is it a clever trick to attract investors or the future of growing fruit?

Bonus, will this monkey finally be able to slow down and enjoy his bananas :wink:


This Freeze-thaw method is very interesting but it’s hard to believe. I do believe they made a banana with edible skin but how hardy is cold hardy for Okayama, Japan? According to this map
it looks like Okayama is in a USDA zone 10b or 11a so I doubt it is truly hardy.


That reminds me old USSR era when they declared they can “train” the plants to adapt harsh climate and transfer this hardiness to seeds. Not to select most hardiest plants, but just change plant’s genetics by providing it with harsh environment.

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Sounds like a complete BS.

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