Monroe Peach?

Has anyone had any experience growing the Monroe Peach? Here is Stark Bros. description:

This fruitful tree grows large peaches with bright red skin over a yellow-orange background. These freestone peaches are firm with bright, yellow flesh. With a nice balance of sweetness and acidity, many claim Monroe produces fruit with the best flavor of all peaches…The Monroe Peach Tree has shown above-average tolerance to frost and is considered cold-hardy."


I’ve not had it. (Peaches seldom produce a crop in my area, so I don’t really try anymore.)

But, the “Presidential” series of peaches are reputed to be above average in hardiness.
They have a 30-40 year history I think, so should be able to look at some of the university tests from the 1990’s or something.

I have never heard of this peach and no one has reviewed it on Stark Bros.

according to TN Nursery you can buy one now for $14.99…

other than that they seem pretty rare and fairly expensive.

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Found this sort of ‘review’ for peaches in N.C. other peaches they talk highly of…

Monroe review is simply - Susceptible to bacterial spot.


this is where i bought it

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