Monster Grub

The grubs are getting bigger in my vegetable bed. What kind is this? I think I need to apply milky spore or the like this spring. Any ideas?

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We’ve got some that size as well. My buddy thinks our big ones are grubs of large black beetles that run around here in summer. But could be other things like the Mexican fruit beetle.

I wouldn’t be surprised. Last summer, there were quite a few of these beetles buzzing around.

Put milky spore down right before a warm rain. Drop a spoonful of powder every 4 feet in a grid-like pattern.

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Does milky spore kill any/all types of grubs?

Actually- looks like you have Cotinus Mutabilis. The recommended course of action is to flood the soil with water for 2 days to kill them. Or you can remove all manure and compost/ detritus from the area (they feed there). Apparently they’re not very destructive- just disgusting:

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had the adults here this summer, they are big green and shiny, and make a tiny helicopter sound when they fly by, nothing more than a nuisance for me here, didn’t discern any vegetative damage.