Monster size Fragrant Asian pears

I went to the Asian market and they sell these giant Fragrant Asian pears. I bought one to try out later on today and see if I can plant out some seeds.



Any idea what the variety is?

Remember, it is not the size that counts :wink:

Wait to hear your report on the taste.

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The sign said Fragrant pear.

According to Physic size matters:-)

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They look great! Look at my store bought “Fragrant pear” sprouted seeds…!! It will be a long time before I get to taste the fruits… if they make it. But who knows!?

It weighed at .93 lb and tasted exactly like the smaller ones in the past. I will definitely try to grow out the large than normal seeds.


Btw, I bought some fresh large Chestnuts and they also tasted great.